MSF 2nd International Jamboree Unites over 3000 Young Muslim Scouts in Historic Scouting Extravaganza

From 27th July to 31st July 2023, the Muslim Scout Fellowship (MSF) created history with its resounding success in delivering the 2nd International Jamboree at Kibblestone Camp Site, Stone, Staffordshire. Following the tremendous response to its inaugural event in 2017, this year’s Jamboree saw an overwhelming participation of over 3,000 young Muslim scouts and leaders from all corners of the United Kingdom, as well as an impressive contingent of international scouts. Overall,there was representation of scouts hailing from 23 countries: Algeria, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, England, France, Indonesia, Italy, Ivory Coast, Libya, Luxembourg, Maldives, Northern Ireland, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Spain, Tunisia, Turkiye, Wales and Uganda!

With this MSF 2nd International Jamboree, MSF has spectacularly demonstrated its commitment to investing in youth and developing the next generation of leaders. The four-day scouting bonanza was also a huge celebration of diversity and unity, bringing together participants from various cultural backgrounds to learn essential life skills, share new experiences and explore new opportunities, and most importantly, build lasting friendships. For most of the young scouts that attended, this was their first jamboree experience, for many, it was also their first camp experience.

Yousif Eltom, Chairman of MSF commented: “Through this Jamboree, we have exemplified the true essence of scouting – providing young people with the opportunity to try new things, to grow, to learn, and to thrive. The overwhelmingly positive response from our attendees and international scouts showcases the impact of our mission and the value we bring to the scouting community.” 

The Jamboree featured four dynamic zones – Skill Zone, Challenge Arena, Fun Town, and Global Village – each offering unique experiences to the participants. In the Skill Zone, young scouts honed their talents and acquired new abilities such as learning how to change a tyre, how to wire a plug, how to safely use a fire extinguisher and how to perform CPR, while the Challenge Arena pushed them to test their limits and embrace teamwork and resilience. Fun Town offered non-stop amusement including the exhilarating experience of fire bubbles in their hand, and the Global Village showcased the rich tapestry of cultures represented at the Jamboree and encouraged the scouts to think about their role and responsibility to shape a better world for all. With hundreds of activities available, there was no shortage of opportunities for young scouts to learn, grow, and create cherished memories. 

There were also a few surprises throughout the Jamboree, with a special guest appearance from world renown Muslim performer Maher Zain helping to create a fever pitch Opening Ceremony. A specially composed jamboree song entitled “One Scout Family” by another renown Muslim artist, Zain Bhikha also added the perfect soundtrack to the cherished memories created. The jamboree drew to a spectacular close with a stunning firework display on Saturday evening followed by an emotional Closing Ceremony.

The success of the MSF 2nd International Jamboree can be attributed to the tireless efforts of 400 hundred volunteers, who dedicated more than a year to meticulous planning and coordination, to bring this monumental event to life. 

The Jamboree was, by and large, delivered by young leaders with an average age of 22; which was truly inspiring. Headed up by Mariam Nasr and HumaairahJama; both former scouts – the passion and professionalism with which the young volunteers organised and executed such a wide array of activities, working tirelessly for days on end to give back to the generation coming up after them whilst most of their peers are out enjoying their summer, was a shining example of youth leadership and community service.

“The Jamboree was not just about fun and adventure and giving young scouts opportunities to learn; it was about empowering the next generation of leaders to take the skills that they picked up along their scouting journey and apply them to make a positive impact. The dedication of our young leaders has been incredible, their efforts are so commendable, and we are proud to witness their growth throughout this journey.” added Salaheddin Aboulgasem, MSF Deputy Manager.

The Jamboree was also supported by the wider UK Scouting movement, who were instrumental in providing the necessary guidance and oversight to ensure that the event was delivered with the utmost consideration of the safety and well-being of the young people. 

Carl Hankinson, the Scouts’ UK Chief Commissioner also attended the event and delivered a passionate keynote address to the young people, congratulating them on reaching this special milestone in their scouting journey. Commenting on his visit, he said: “Congratulations to the MSF volunteers for all their hard work and passion in delivering a fantastic experience for Muslim scouts from across the world. We have seen the number of Scouts in the Muslim community continue to grow and being at the camp, surrounded by such enthusiasm, I was delighted to see them learning new skills. Seeing their eagerness to embrace new challenges reaffirms our belief in the transformative power of being a Scout!”

MSF is also incredibly grateful for the generous support from sponsors and supporters including: Islamic Relief UK, England and Wales Cricket Board, Eid Party, National Waqf Fund, Nester, MyLahores, Zain Bhikha Studios, STEM Learning UK, Peacock Supplies, Tahira Foods, Regal Catering and Big Johns amongst many others. This support, in the form of financial contributions and donations in-kind played a pivotal role in making this Jamboree such a huge success. We could not have achieved the levels of success that we did without this support.

As the MSF 2nd International Jamboree concluded, participants returned home with not only enhanced skills and unforgettable experiences but also with a strong sense of global unity, compassion, and co-operation; qualities that will have a lasting effect on their personal development and future achievements, nurturing them to become responsible and compassionate global citizens and leaders.

Looking forward, MSF remains committed to investing in youth development, firmly believing that empowering young people is a collective responsibility of the entire community. The success of this Jamboree further strengthens the organisation’s resolve to continue its mission of nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. We are hopeful that the success of this event will galvanise the wider community to come forward and help us to deliver bigger and better experiences and opportunities for young people. 

If you would like to become a supporter of MSF and help us to deliver bigger and better events and activities, please do contact us on [email protected] to explore the various ways you or your organisation can work with us.