Interested in group-specific tailored training? We’ve got you covered!

Recently, a fantastic team of our trainers visited Green Lane Masjid Scout Group, to deliver them group-specific training for their leaders!

Our training covers all the modules neccesary for the Wood Badge, to ensure you and your leaders know all the ins and outs of running a Scout group.

MSF have succesfully trained over 400 leaders, at our 11 annual training events. Our training methods combine the theory with engaging and exciting activities to allow you to absorb all the information required, so that you leave energised and excited to take your scout group to the next level.

What is the Wood Badge?

A Wood Badge is a Scouting leadership programme and the related award for adult leaders in the programmes of Scout associations throughout the world. Wood Badge courses aim to make Scouters better leaders by teaching advanced leadership skills, and by creating a bond and commitment to the Scout movement.

Modules within the Wood Badge

There are 14 modules within the training, covering topics from The Fundamentals of Scouting, Programme planning, Supporting young people and many more incredibly useful topics. These will undoubtedly aid you and your group in running an efficient and fun Scout group!

We also offer training for the Nights away permit, Rifle shooting and Hill walking- all really useful for you to take back to your groups.

If you are interested in MSF coming to your group to deliver you and your leaders tailored training, email us below!

[email protected]