Our Youth. Our Leaders. Our Legacy.

There are many challenges that the Muslim youth face.

Globally and nationally, Islamophobia is increasing.
33% Muslim students report Islamophobic abuse in their place of study.

The poverty gap is widening.
46% of all Muslims live in the top 10 areas of highest deprivation.
This means that a significant proportion of Muslim young people also attend the lowest performing schools, have under-resourced health care services and little to no extracurricular provisions.

The mental health of our youth is worsening.
A 2021 report found that more than half of young British Muslims have suffered from depression.

But we also know the vast potential of our youth.

Our rich Islamic history of youth leadership testifies to this repeatedly.

Whether it be the prophetic examples that we find in the stories of Ibrahim, Dawud, Yusuf and Esa (peace be upon them all) or the examples of the youth around the Prophet (peace be upon him), like Arqam ibn Abi-Arqam, Mus’ab ibn Umair and Zayd ibn Thabit (may Allah be pleased with them), to name but a few.

Young people have always had the ability to transform society.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) understood this.

He recognised their potential and provided opportunities for his young companions to flourish.

Similarly, Muslim Scout Fellowship believes it is our collective responsibility to help nurture, inspire, empower, and unlock the potential of our young people and with over 100 years’ experience, Scouting has demonstrated how it can ensure young people are well-rounded, resilient, and able to cope with the ever-growing demands of modern-day life.

Muslim Scout Fellowship is the largest volunteer-led Muslim youth development organisation in the UK.

We are committed to ensure that the Muslim youth are given every opportunity to take part in scouting and develop holistically, to become confident and empowered future leaders whilst also striving for their akhirah.

Our young and our leaders are our legacy.

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