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The UK Muslim Scout Fellowship are always looking for volunteers to support their work and projects nationwide. Our Volunteers actively work to set up Muslim Scout groups nationally and also provide support to existing groups. This is YOUR chance to give back to your community and support this great cause.

Interested in volunteering for MSF? There are a number of roles you can perform, subject to your availability and personal circumstances. If you are available on a regular weekly basis for 1-2 hours you can help with existing groups as a leader or management committee member e.g. Scout leader, Treasurer or activity instructor. If you are available on an adhoc basis you can help with specific MSF projects like Training courses, organising camps and events, development, media and marketing roles to name a few. In either case get in touch with us using the form below:


Here are some examples of areas you may be interested in volunteering in:


Role Description



Title: Muslim Regional Champion
Outline: To promote Scouting to local Muslim communities and provide support for new groups starting up and aid in the development of existing groups.
Responsible to: National Development Officer for the Muslim Scout Fellowship
Main Contacts: National Development Officer, Muslim Scout Fellowhip and local Scout Groups
Learning Programme: TBC
Time Requirement: This will depend on the interest coming in from the local area and the needs of the local Scout groups. The miminum time requirement is one 3-hour session per month. This role will involve some evening and weekend commitment.
Appointment Requirements
Main Tasks:
  • Deliver presentations to promote Scouting to potential new leads
  • Research potential areas and local organisations to target for promotional work
  • Support new Muslim groups starting up by giving advice and sharing experiences
  • Help with the development of existing Groups
  • Assist with promotional events organised by existing Groups
  • Run Scouting Seminars with practical activities
Skills and Qualities:
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to promote Scouting
  • High level of organisational skills
  • Extensive knowledge of Scouting in order to provide valuable information to those that are new to Scouting
  • A passion for making a difference






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